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Thirty one hours ago, the IWS Crichton, an ice miner and tug ship, discovered the remains of a derelict vessel in the unexplored star system XTX-38523.


Eleven hours ago, all contact with the Crichton was lost...

When the galaxy's most powerful corporation discovers that the derelict ship belongs to them, and that the time to recover it is quickly running out, they send the only people they can, a group of washed up engineers and scientists who would do anything to reconstruct the lives they've destroyed. Their objective: find out what happened to the crew of the Crichton, and bring the derelict any cost.

But, as they soon learn, there are some mysteries that should remain buried. And there are some things lost that should never be found. 

DERELICT is a narrative podcast experience from award winning science fiction author J. Barton Mitchell, that follows a host of unlikely characters trying to unlock the frightening mysteries of an abandoned spaceship in the far reaches of space. 

The first season of DERELICT will be ten episodes, the first of which premiered at the end of 2019. You can listen and explore more about the show by visiting the DERELICT website.


Chad Morgan

Chad Morgan has been fortunate enough to have worked in film and television for the last twenty-five years. 


Her first film was opposite Emilio Estevez in THE WAR AT HOME, and her first starring role was in the Sundance Film Festival sweetheart and coming-of-age film WHATEVER. Since then, she's worked with Michael Bay (PEARL HARBOR), for Steven Spielberg (the SyFy channel mini-series TAKEN), alongside Seth McFarlane (FAMILY GUY), and has played a plethora of pop culture icons (and a few Popsicle sticks) on ROBOT CHICKEN and ROBOT CHICKEN: STAR WARS.

Michael Mau

Michael Mau is a writer, teacher, father, runner, actor, tinkerer, artist, and snappy dresser. 


His short fiction has appeared in Black Warrior Review, Portland Review, Fifth Wednesday, Mount Hope, Jelly Bucket, Firewords Quarterly, and other places.


Michael’s various voices can be heard in BIG SANDY, a narrative podcast based on the novel of the same name; the audiobook HOBO-COP; as well as many radio and television spots. On screen, he's been featured in the films OUR SCRIPTED LIFE, FATHERLESS, and LAST HOLLER. 

Dani Payne

Dani Payne is an actor, singer, and business coach who has recently moved her life to Albuquerque, NM. She has over 10 years of acting experience and has studied her craft all over the world; Vancouver, Los Angeles, and, most recently, Glasgow, UK. Dani can been seen in numerous television shows, such as THE NIGHT SHIFT, GRAVES, and CHAMBERS, as well as the films REMEMBERING US and THE SHORT HISTORY OF THE LONG ROAD which made its debut at the Tribeca International Film Festival. 

Ian Geiberger

Ian Geiberger lives for making sounds people want to hear. He is a Los Angeles/San Diego-based electronic/hip-hop producer, voiceover artist, illustrator and graphic/sound designer. 

J.D. Cerna

J. D. Cerna is the voice of Beau Handsome on the Emmy winning animated series WORDGIRL which also stars Maria Bamford. His solo show NOT AS CUTE PICTURE has been performed in several American cities and was nominated for a GLAAD Media Award. Cerna has also appeared in the 1988-89 Troma horror film THE DEAD COME HOME, performed twin brothers in the Miramax feature LIE DOWN WITH DOGS, and played the lead role of Jack in the film ALKALI, IOWA, opposite Mary Beth Hurt.  

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