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Night Rocket Productions is a Santa Fe, NM based production company founded by award winning author and screenwriter J. Barton Mitchell, to create and produce high concept, narrative properties, in audio and traditional film and television formats, and in collaboration with genre artists and creators in the Southwest.

The production company was formed in 2019. It's first creative project, DERELICT, a science fiction narrative podcast created and directed by J. Barton Mitchell will begin production and crowd funding this Summer. 


J. Barton Mitchell
Creator, Writer, Director

Mitchell is a writer and photographer living in Santa Fe, NM. As a writer, he’s developed properties for Warner Bros, Twenty First Century Fox, Sony, Valve Software, and Boom! Studios, and is a published author of four novels. His third novel, VALLEY OF FIRES was awarded Best Science Fiction Novel of 2015 by the RT Book Review, and his fourth novel, THE RAZOR, was published by TOR Books in November. 

Kirsten Rudberg

Kirsten is a writer and producer, working on both her Masters of Divinity...and the final edits of her book, WE RULE THE WORLD for Microcosm Publishing. A journeywomanshe is a published essay writer, has worked with Dave Eggers at THE DAILY ILLINI, and, besides DERELICT, is currently developing a web series, a TV series, a graphic novel and a little bagatelle of a book series. In short, she's very busy. 

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