DERELICT casting is in Phase One: Open Casting Call. Submissions are still being accepted. There is no end date announced yet for the Open Casting Call.

DERELICT is Night Rocket Productions' first endeavor, and will be a ten episode narrative podcast, with further seasons to follow. We are currently accepting submissions from New Mexico based actors (or actors willing to commute to New Mexico) for five voice acting parts. If you would like to submit an audition recording for the open call, read the information on this page carefully. 


Night Rocket intends to produce the first episode of season one using its own production funds. With a completed episode one, a trailer, and concept art, we will then turn to crowd funding to finance the remaining nine episodes of season one. 

As such, we cannot pay actors for their work on episode one UNTIL funding has been achieved through crowdfunding. Once funding is complete, actors will receive back pay for episode one, as well as payments going forward for each episode they are involved in. This will be an hourly rate. In addition, profit sharing will be offered in the future to all actors working on the project.


We feel it's important to be up front as to the pay structure of this project from the interim, but also to emphasize that the voluntary nature of the work will only extend through one episode. Night Rocket is committed, as working artists themselves, to promoting and compensating all other artists we work with.


Actors wishing to audition for DERELICT should:


  • Have read and agreed to all information on this page.

  • Must be able to commute to Santa Fe, NM for the second round of casting auditions, as well as for the voice recording sessions.  

If you are SAG-AFTRA :

  • We are in the process of becoming signatory.

  • There will be a SAG-AFTRA approved deferred payment contract.


The audition process for DERELICT will take place in two phases:

  • PHASE ONE: An open casting call where actors submit voice recordings of monologues provided on this page for any of the five character parts available. 

  • PHASE TWO: From the open casting call submissions, in person readings will be scheduled in Santa Fe with the podcast director and producers. 

Instructions for Phase One submissions are provided below. Please follow the instructions carefully, as failure to do so may result in your submission not being received. 

  1. The available character parts are listed below, and you may submit for any or all of them. 

  2. Each available part has a corresponding monologue for recording. Using the notes provided for each character, you should record the monologue using your own device or equipment.

  3. Please slate each recording with your info and the character you are about to read for.

  4. Once you've made your recordings, create a text file (.DOC, .TXT, .RTF, .ODP, etc) that includes your contact information, including:

    • Name​

    • E-Mail

    • Phone

    • Website/Resume (if you have an online one)

    • Character(s) you are auditioning for

  5. Package the recordings and the text file in a .zip file for uploading.

  6. Name the ZIP file with your first and last name.

  7. Visit this Dropbox link to upload your ZIP file.

For voice recordings, we don't need anything professional sounding at this point, using your phone is fine. But if you have access to pro gear, feel free. Some helpful links:

Some helpful links on how to create ZIP files, if you've never done it:

Alright. Now for the fun stuff...


The following parts are available for audition in DERELICT, season one. 

RAYNOR (Female, mid-30’s, lead role)

Mechanical Engineer. Jaded, and dealing with personal guilt. She's been through the ringer...and come out the other side. But not the same. Low key, no nonsense personality.


  • Ripley (ALIEN)

  • Sarah Connor (TERMINATOR 2)

Raynor Audition Monologue File

FREED (Female, late 20’s, early 30’s)

Digital Systems Engineer. High energy and sarcastic. She's done things she should regret, but doesn't. Witty, a smart ass, and too smart for her own good.


  • Valkyrie (THOR: RAGNAROK)


Freed Audition Monologue File

CHAMBERS (Male, mid to late 40’s)

Corporate Project Manager. Intellectual, business oriented personality. Speaks clearly and to the point, but it always feels like he's not telling you everything. 


  • Dallas (ALIEN)

  • Burke (ALIENS)

Chambers Audition Monologue File 

BLAYNE (Male, late 30’s, early 40’s)

Corporate Security Agent. Tough, confident, combat veteran. Former military, he's seen many things he wishes he hadn’t, and lives with them. No nonsense personality.


  • Dutch (PREDATOR)

  • Reese (TERMINATOR)

Blayne Audition Monologue File 

STEVENS (Male, late 20’s, early 30’s)

Xytrilium (think Nuclear) Engineer. Sarcastic, fairly witty. Most people consider him a jerk, because it's clear he's only out for himself. Backs it up with a high level intellect.


  • Mr. Universe (SERENITY)

  • Hudson (ALIENS)

Stevens Audition Monologue File 

Some tips on auditioning for these parts:

  • With the exception of Raynor, these audition monologues are NOT from the DERELICT script. They are from another source, and were chosen because their subject matter and tone are appropriate for the character in question.

  • We are looking for understated, realistic performances. Even characters like Freed or Stevens should not be overplayed. 

  • If you aren't familiar with the character models listed for each role, we highly suggest watching those movies to get a sense.

  • Know that the age limitations on the available parts aren't strict. This is audio, not cinema. If you "sound" like that age range, that's good enough for us. If you don't feel you "sound" like that age range, but think you would bring something special to the part...submit anyway. We aren't stuck to one way of thinking about these parts.

  • All male parts could conceivably be cast as female. If you're an actress, and respond to a particular male monologue, feel free to submit a recording.

  • The same does NOT go for the female roles of Raynor and Freed. The gender on these parts is locked, and male actors should not submit for them.

  • Know that accents or voices with ethnic overtones are welcome.

  • For Chambers, we are interested in hearing a British accent, but it is not required.